Instructions And Care

Thank you for choosing ARA INDUSTRIES, a leading manufacturer of precision surgical instruments. To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your instruments, please follow the care instructions outlined below.

Sterilization Tips

The autoclave, while essential, can be a hostile environment for your instruments. Use distilled water to prevent corrosion and staining, especially when residual detergents are present. Regular autoclave maintenance is crucial, as rust in the steam pipes can transfer to your instruments. Vacuum autoclaves help remove residual steam, and it’s essential to follow directions for proper functioning. Check door seals regularly, and drain and refill the water tank with distilled water. If packs come out wet, consult your autoclave engineer to avoid corrosion and damage.

Basic Rules for Peak Condition

  1. Handle instruments with care to prevent damage to their surface.
  2. Store instruments dry to avoid corrosion, especially delicate ones with protective tips.
  3. Use instruments for their intended purpose to avoid damage.
  4. Separate different metals during processing to prevent corrosion.

Manual Cleaning Protocol - Stainless Instruments

  1. Rinse instruments immediately in warm water after use to prevent coagulation of proteins.
  2. Submerge instruments in an enzyme-based neutral pH detergent for the specified time.
  3. Scrub instruments gently with a soft brush, paying attention to joints and ratchets.
  4. Ideally, use an ultrasonic cleaning bath for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with purified water and dry with a clean, non-shedding wipe.
  6. Lubricate with surgical instrument oil.

Stainless Steel Composition

Our surgical instruments are meticulously crafted from various stainless steel alloys, incorporating Nickel & Chromium for enhanced corrosion resistance. It’s crucial to note that stainless steel, while durable, can corrode under specific conditions. The alloy’s composition and the degree of hardening applied influence the characteristics of the final steel.

Steel Characteristics

Surgical instruments demand specific steel properties – hardness for cutting edges or springiness for forceps. ARA INDUSTRIES employs a unique Martensitic stainless steel blend, featuring less chromium and more carbon, ensuring the required qualities. However, this type is more prone to corrosion.

Chromium Oxide Protection

To prevent rusting, a thin layer of chromium oxide shields susceptible steel parts. Actions promoting chromium oxide production minimize corrosion. The layer thickens with age, enhancing instrument resistance. New instruments may be intolerant of inappropriate detergents, lubrication, or autoclave conditions.


Follow these guidelines for clean, dry, lubricated, and protected instruments, ensuring longevity and optimal performance. For inquiries, contact ARA INDUSTRIES at [] or [Whatsapp: +92 345 2383272].