Terms & Conditions

1. Company’s Commitment to Ethical Practices

ARA INDUSTRIES is committed to upholding the highest moral values and business ethics. Our contracts are executed with integrity and dedication to ensure complete client satisfaction.

2. Minimum Order Requirement

A minimum order of US$ 1000 is necessary for processing and delivery of any order.

3. Pricing Structure

Prices remain stable for one year but are subject to change based on fluctuations in international steel prices.

4. Shipping Charges

Freight and shipping charges may be applied depending on the nature of delivery, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

5. Returns and Inspection Policy

Customers are urged to inspect merchandise for any loss or damage immediately upon receipt. Claims for visible loss or damage must be filed promptly. Concealed loss or damage must be reported within 3 days of receipt.

6. Payment Terms

A 100% advance payment is required for all orders to be processed.

7. Existing Customers Appreciation Policy

ARA INDUSTRIES extends gratitude to our existing customers for their continued partnership. We appreciate your trust and wish for your continued success in business.

8. Prospective Customers Relationship Building

We eagerly anticipate establishing a lasting business relationship with our prospective customers, built on mutual interest and trust.

9. Product Warranty

ARA INDUSTRIES ensures the quality of our surgical instruments. Our products are covered by a limited warranty, and any defects or issues arising from manufacturing will be addressed in accordance with our warranty policy.

10. Lead Times and Delivery Schedule

Lead times for manufacturing and delivery will be communicated upon order confirmation. ARA INDUSTRIES strives to meet delivery schedules; however, unforeseen circumstances may impact timelines, and the company shall not be held liable for delays beyond reasonable control.

11. Custom Orders

For custom orders, specifications and designs must be clearly communicated and agreed upon in writing. Custom orders may have different pricing, lead times, and payment terms, as mutually determined.

12. Intellectual Property Rights

Any intellectual property rights associated with our products, including designs and trademarks, remain the exclusive property of ARA INDUSTRIES. Unauthorized use or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

13. Force Majeure

ARA INDUSTRIES shall not be held responsible for any failure or delay in performance due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and governmental actions.

14. Confidentiality

Both parties agree to treat confidential information shared during the course of business negotiations with utmost confidentiality. This includes but is not limited to pricing, product designs, and any proprietary information.

15. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where ARA INDUSTRIES is registered. Parties agree to resolve disputes through arbitration, with a neutral arbitrator mutually agreed upon.

16. Custom Labeling and Packaging

For custom orders involving personalized labeling and packaging, detailed specifications must be provided in writing. ARA INDUSTRIES will collaborate with the customer to create custom solutions, and additional charges may apply.

17. Laser Marking on Instruments

When laser marking is requested for custom orders, precise instructions and artwork must be submitted. ARA INDUSTRIES will strive to meet the specified requirements, but variations may occur due to the nature of the marking process.

18. Quality Assurance

ARA INDUSTRIES is committed to delivering products of the highest quality. All products undergo rigorous quality control measures, and we guarantee compliance with industry standards. In the event of any quality concerns, customers are encouraged to contact us promptly for resolution.

19. Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Any defective items will be replaced or repaired at ARA INDUSTRIES’ discretion, provided the issue is reported within the specified warranty period.

20. Privacy Protection

ARA INDUSTRIES respects the privacy of our customers. Any data, designs, pricing information, or other proprietary information shared during the custom order process will be treated with strict confidentiality. We will not disclose or use this information for any purpose other than fulfilling the customer’s order.

21. Design Approval

For custom orders, design proofs will be provided for customer approval before production commences. It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully review and approve the designs. Once approved, changes may incur additional costs and impact delivery timelines.

22. Shipping and Handling of Custom Orders

Custom orders may have unique shipping and handling requirements. ARA INDUSTRIES will communicate these specifics to the customer, including any associated costs.

23. Liability Limitation

ARA INDUSTRIES’ liability for any custom order is limited to the value of the order. We shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, or special damages.

24. Compliance with Regulations

Customers are responsible for ensuring that custom designs, labeling, and packaging comply with applicable regulations and standards in their respective markets.

ARA INDUSTRIES reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions. Customers will be informed of any changes, and their continued engagement implies acceptance of the updated terms.